Super Mario World APK v1.0 Free download 2022

Super Mario World APK


Super Mario World APK is one of the best muds that can be found in Android. In addition, its control system is adapted to touch terminals and can choose between two types of virtual sticks that we can even customize.

Super Mario World APK
Nintendo definitely would not be what it is today if I had not published the popular Game of Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World APK was the game that launched the Japanese video game company, which later published many other successful titles such as El Zelda or Donkey Kong . Although now Nintendo’s story is already very long and has great titles behind him, there will always be a place in our heart for the mythical Super Mario Bros, one of the best games in history.

Although Super Mario World APK is a free game, its monetization system is based on the need to wait to recover lost lives. With the coins obtained while we play we can buy more or redeem them for some additions as additional characters. Peach, Luigi or Toad will also be selectable.

Download Super Mario World Apk

Story of Super Mario World APK

Also known as “Super Mario Bros. 4”. After the previous defeat of Bowser, Mario Luigi and Princess Toadstool decide to recover in Dinosaur Land. Meanwhile, in Dinosaur Land, King Koopa and his Koopalings catch Yoshi and his friends in enchanted eggs, eliminating the opposition while rebuilding his forces in secret. Shortly after his arrival, Mario Bros. realizes that Princess Toadstool is missing. While looking, they find the Koopa troop army. By releasing friend Yoshi, he exclaims that the Koopas have invaded confirming that Peach’s persistent captor has returned and took the opportunity to claim the princess. Enjoy one of the best titles in Nintendo’s story!

The objective of Super Mario World APK

To cross the mushroom kingdom, avoid or destroy the soldiers, the Koopa Koopa (also known as Bowser), to rescue the captured princess and captivate them. Mario (or Luigi) attacks enemies by jumping on them (this method kills the fungi Gumba and temporarily neutralizes the Koopa turtle, forcing them to hide in their shells) or hitting the platform on which the enemy is underneath. The “fear” of the turtles can be used as a weapon against other enemies, pushing the peel in front of it: accelerating, drag everything in its path, but when it finds an obstacle, it invests the direction and can hit the majority of Mario. Some enemies, such as porcupines back, you can’t jump, since this hurts Mario.

 Super Mario World APK 

Tour the different levels of Super Mario World APK while collecting coins and get new rewards. You can Download and install with a single touch- Save masks in the gallery or install automatically by pressing the “Install” button there are categories of accessories and maps that will always be updated in application facilitates the use of the masks of APK. Here you have main objective is to save Princess Peach, kidnapped by the evil Bowser. Climb, jump and slip through objects, your ability will be key in the development of the game.

Super Mario World APK
In the world mode you will have to overcome all the challenges to free Princess Peach. A total of 6 worlds organized on 62 Tracks of Super Mario World APK. Do not forget to gather the 3 exclusive currencies.

4 Reproduces classical music music with Jukebox music. Enjoy the original sound with the emulation of the original SPC sound chip of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

How to play Super Mario World APK on Android?

Remembering one of the games that have marked an era from your mobile device is as easy as downloading the APK to your smartphone or tablet to start living the adventures of Super Mario World APK. The controls are very intuitive: on the left you will have a virtual joystick to move in the two horizontal directions allowed by the game, while to the right of the screen you will have a jump button.

Super Mario World APK

On the main screen you will have everything ready to play. In its upper part you will show you the name of the character, which in one case can be Mario and in another it can be his brother Luigi. Under the name you will have the points you accumulate.

The mechanics is simple. You must run on the screen collecting all the gold currencies available, descending by pipes, jumping on your enemies to kill them and hitting with your head the square blocks that make up the platforms: some hide more coins, while others contain hamburgers, baseball balls , refreshment bottles and skates, replacing the classic mushrooms and flowers. All this in order to get to the castle to defeat a Bowser come less.

Features about Game (How to use different powers)

It retains the powers of Super Mario Bros.4, including the basic powers of Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman, as well as Super Leaf, Tanooki. Suit, frog suit and Hammer Bros. suit, all presented in the original version.

Super Mario World APK

  • The Super Mushroom increases the size of the player’s character;
  • The flower of fire gives him a fireball attack;
  • The Starman makes it invincible;
  • Super leaf gives him a tail that allows him to attack enemies by turning and allows him to fly;
  • The Tanooki suit is a modified Super Leaf, which gives it the possibility of becoming a statue;
  • The frog suit allows you to jump high and swim faster;
  • And Hammer Bros.’s suit gives Mario a hammer projectile.
  • The least common power-ups include a whistle, which allows players to go to other lands;
  • A hammer, which allows them to access new areas; and a cloud, which allows them to jump a level.

Features Of Super Mario World APK

The original Nintendo game.

This is the original game developed by Nintendo in 1988 for the popular NES console. Now you can enjoy this game on your Android totally free and with all its classic functions.

Portability without emulator.

You no longer have to install an emulator to play Super Mario World APK, because now you have it at your disposal as an independent application that you can install on your Android as you would install any other.

Independent levels of Super Mario World APK.

The game incorporates the possibility that you carry the level that you want at every moment, so that you will be able to play any phase of the game whenever you feel like it, without the need to be loading the whole game and overcoming all levels until you reach the what else do you like.

Infinite lives in Super Mario World APK.

You can play the game in a classic way, but it may be difficult for the standards of the year 2022, which tend to be much easier. That is why developers have incorporated the possibility of enjoying infinite lives to play this game.

How to Install Super Mario World APK

1. LEADS Uninstall Previous version of Super Mario World if you have installed it.

2. Download Super Mario World MOD APK from Apkleads.

3. After completing the download, you must find the APK file and install it.

4. You must enable “unknown sources” to install applications outside Play Store.

5. Then you can open and enjoy the Super Mario World APK


  • Is there any emulator need to install for this game?

Now it is not necessary for you to use any emulator to play this game, because you can play it for free installing this application with the full game.

You no longer need to have a Nintendo console, now from your mobile device you can easily entertain yourself with this hilarious game. Its game mechanics are extremely simple, once you have the game’s APK installed, you can play immediately.

  • How many lives are in this game

You no longer have to worry about the lives of the Super Mario World APK, because this version of the application allows you to have infinite lives to more easily overcome all its levels.


If your are the lover of Super Mario than this is the latest and one of the best classic games of android mobile in the world. The Every thing of Super Mario World APK from Interface, Game play, characters skins level  are very amazing and engaging, and also has features that will connects you to the game. Here the main objective is to safe the princess from enemies. You can use different powers including the basic powers of Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman, as well as Super Leaf, Tanooki. Suit, frog suit and Hammer Bros. suit, all presented in this game

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