SimCity BuildIt Mod APK ( Unlimited Money, Upgraded Level, Keys ) v1.42.1.105235

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Description:

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK is a city simulation-style mobile game developed and launched by ELECTRONIC ARTS. This Sim City game is very popular all over the world and it is played by more than 50 million people. So The number of fans of this game is increasing day by day, keeping in mind that the latest version of it, SimCity buildlt mod APK has been released now. Download SimCity BuildIt Mod apk from our website for free to enjoy unlimited money, upgraded level, and also keys!

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK v ( Unlimited Money, Upgraded Level, Keys )


Download SimCity Buildit Mod Apk

Make your city in this Sim City game. You care about your city. So You need to have complete control over your city. It would be best if you designed your city beautifully completely. And you have to make good and right decisions for your city so that you can build a complete city in your place

You have to face their challenges to keep your city away from the traffic and pollution in our real world. So You can also add Tokyo and London-style palaces to your city life. You can also make beautiful signs in your city like the Eiffel Tower. So You also can build sports stadiums and many other buildings.

What is SimCity Buildlt Mod APK :

Simcity Buildlt Mod apk is the modded version of SimCity buildit official version.  So The mod version unlocks all the premium features such as unlimited money, keys, and much more. If you install any game, you have to spend some time working on the features of the game and its currency, and many other changes. But using these modes, you can use almost everything you want. Similarly, I also launched the latest mod of this game with it. So This SimCity buildlt mode has already been provided on our website for your convenience so that anyone who wants to play this amazing new city-building simulation game will be able to enjoy playing it without spending money or waiting too long before they can get a chance in completing certain levels.

Features Of SimCity Mod Apk:

SimCity Buildlt Mod APK is a game with unlimited features.

  1. You can also customize your city in the way you want to make it look like.
  2. There are two types of currencies, simoleons, and also sim cash, that you use to buy buildings, decorations, and more for your city.
  3. You can also earn basic currency by playing the game or buying it at an in-game store; however, the premium currency must also be purchased using real money.
  4. The best part about this mod is that there are no ads!
  5.  The new version of this Sim City game is very nice and beautiful. And you can also build your dream city with many different buildings, roads, etc.,
  6. You can also play online games against other players all around the world to win amazing prizes like keys, money, and also diamonds, etc.
  7. So if you are looking for a great building simulation game like SimCity on Android devices then try out our uploaded modded apk file which has unlimited everything in it!

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Dream City:

SimCity gives you chance to make your own virtual, dream, and desired city. Select an empty land and start making you’re a completely new city in which you can also add these things

  • Wild trees
  • Rocks
  • Bushes
  • Roads
  • Government and private buildings

Your future planning and designs of making buildings, roads, and greenery according to your imagination make you feel proud.

Play with Other players In SimCity BuildIt Mod APK:

Often you want to play with your friends So SimCity provides the facility to compete with your fellows in Mayors Club and start trading with other Cities Mayors. It gives you chance to build a combined Virtual city together.

Observe and share strategies for the better development of the cities.

Easy controls Of SimCity BuildIt Mod APK:

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK gives you an easy and simple way of controlling with an amazing gaming experience. It provides your simple drag & drops controls. Because of this system, you can easily select a building and if you want to move that from one place to other, so just drag and drop on your desired place on the map. It is also used to destroy the buildings and organization of your city.

Currencies Used In SimCity BuildIt Mod APK:

SimCity BuildIt Gives two main types of Currencies for buying anything. SimCash is the premium currency of the game the other one is Simoleon which is the basic currency of the game. The other currencies used in this game are:

  • Neosimoleons
  • Religion currencies

Unlimited keys Of SimCity BuildIt Mod APK: 

when you start the game first you get very limited keys and controls but as you earn currencies and upgrade your city and complete the tasks so you can buy certain and limited features of the game. but we have a solution to download this SimCity BuildIt Mod APK from our site we will provide these feature free. so play and enjoy!

City Wars In SimCity BuildIt Mod APK:

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Contains Very famous Real-time PvP multiplayer features.  So join club war first and then announce war on other cities. Make your imaginational strategies and implement these strategies with your mayor club members to win the war. You can attack your enemies with amazing disaster. Destroy your enemies’ cities and get very amazing rewards in return. From these rewards, you can upgrade your city.

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Key Features:

Some quality features make it very famous all over the world which is the following:

  • It is F2P game.
  • SimCity contains microtransactions inform of SimCash and Simoleon.
  • It provides PvP multiplayer features.
  • Building and destroying things according to your choice.
  • Dragging building to another place.
  • Rewards in completing tasks.
  • Sharing strategies and playing with other players.

So you can also buy anything with these currencies and upgrade your game, and speed up things. You can also easily get your desired results in no time. So All these features make it your first choice.

Installation Of SimCity BuildIt Mod APK: 

  1. First, uninstall the original SimCity Buildit if you have
  2. Now Download Simcity mod apk from the below-given link
  3. The next step is to enable the options that you allow for the installation from unknown sources.
  4. Click on the installation button and installation will start.
  5. After installation, the installed app will appear on the home screen.
  6. Simply tap on it installer will automatically extract the required files.
  7. After extraction, update the existing version of SimCity and tape on the install button
  8. When the installation completes, a SimCity icon will appear on the home screen, don’t start it yet.
  9. Now turn off WiFi and Mobile Data Connection both.
  10. Now launch the SimCity game and an option will appear on your screen, “Mayor, your city has not been online for 3 days. So Please connect to the internet to continue.”
  11. Now close the game and turn on the connection.
  12. The next step is to install the internet guard app from the play store.
  13. after its instalation tap on the toggle button to start the internet guard.
  14.  A pop up box of vpn appear click on ok button to continue.
  15. Tap on ok button to allow permission requests to pop up.
  16. Battery optimization pop-up will appear, now press ok button.
  17. Enter in battery optimization search the internet guard and tap on the toggle button to disable battery optimization.
  18. Go back to internet guard and search SimCity.
  19. Tap on WiFi and also turn on the mobile data connection.
  20. Now leave the internet guard running in the background.
  21. the loading screen will appear
  22. Now a message will show to your screen So that “Your offline progress will be saved to the server when you reconnect.” Tap on the OK button.

congratulation you have successfully installed and also updated your mod version of SimCity BuildIt Now you can enjoy your favorite game free with advanced features.


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